Spark was born with a clear and ambitious vision: to revolutionize the way companies acquire and manage high-quality leads.

We started our journey with a mission to overcome the traditional challenges of generating leads and accessing reliable contact databases.


Our mission is to provide innovative data solutions to strengthen customers’ marketing strategies. With customizable data packages and mailing list services, we facilitate targeted customer acquisition. Our data are not just numbers, but tools to better understand the market and interact with it. We’re here to help you create winning marketing strategies and build lasting customer relationships. Join us in the pursuit of marketing excellence, where data is the foundation of successful initiatives.

Data analysis

Through a data-centric approach, we help companies gain a competitive advantage. Our wide range of data packages offer crucial information for understanding market trends, customer preferences and growth opportunities. In addition, our carefully selected mailing list allows you to reach your target audience directly, optimizing the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. With passion and commitment, we work with you to translate data into strategic actions and tangible results.

Innovation & Flexibility

We’re at the forefront of innovation in marketing data. Technology is constantly evolving and we are ready to adapt to the new challenges and opportunities it presents. Flexibility is an integral part of our corporate philosophy. We understand that each client has unique needs and is in different contexts. That’s why we offer highly flexible solutions that adapt to your business and goals. We are here to turn challenges into opportunities and to provide you with the right tools to achieve excellence in your industry.

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